Odd behavior in an exclude-file

henri henri at stmargarets.school.nz
Mon Dec 22 19:59:39 GMT 2008

Try putting some additional line breaks at the end of your file. I am  
not sure if this will solve your issues. Give it a go and report back  
if this resolves the issue. Hope this helps

> I decided the most secure way to deal with backup/firewall issues  
> between my
> work and home was to encrypt a portable hard drive and make it my  
> backup.
> Lug it back and forth and sync as appropriate.  So I wrote myself a  
> little
> rsync script which grabs all the files I think of as taking work to  
> recreate.
> Which is given as follows:
> rsync -avl --stats --progress --timeout=300 --exclude-from "/home/ 
> foo/bin/exclude.txt" /home /mnt/sdc2
> rsync -avl --stats --progress --timeout=300 --exclude-from "/home/ 
> foo/bin/exclude.txt" /etc /mnt/sdc2/beast
> rsync -avl --stats --progress --timeout=300 --exclude-from "/home/ 
> foo/bin/exclude.txt" /srv /mnt/sdc2/beast
> Since there are, as with any backups, files I don't want to bother  
> backing up
> I created an exclude file and stored it in my bin.
> - /home/foo/vmware
> - /home/foo/.kde/share/apps/kmail/mail/spam/*
> - /home/foo/.kde/share/apps/kmail/mail/.spam.directory/*
> - /home/foo/.mozilla/firefox/tigy4u04.default/Cache
> - /home/foo/packages
> - /home/foo/.cxgames
> - /home/foo/.cxoffice
> - /home/foo/.beagle
> - /home/foo/downloads/images
> With the rsync script in the /home/foo/bin I ran the script with  
> myself as
> root in the root directory.  Which leads to the reason for this  
> letter.
> The exclude file appears to have worked, with one exception.   I  
> don't have
> the vmware directory, the link to packages was not followed, the  
> crossover
> directories are not in the backup ect.   All very good and as  
> hoped.  The
> exception is in the very last line.  The very last line of the  
> exclude file
> is the directory that contains iso images I downloaded for whatever  
> reason.
> Things like my latest image for my distro and such.  I did NOT want  
> to back
> those up since in the event of catastrophe I would simply redownload  
> them and
> the files are rather sizeable.  Much to my surprise, the images  
> directory was
> in the backup along with its contents.  I can assure you that the  
> path is as
> given.
> Is there any idea why I got that one directory in the backup?

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