[Pilot]Recover to a different folder failed! Any way out of the problem?

Matt McCutchen matt at mattmccutchen.net
Fri Dec 19 06:35:48 GMT 2008

On Fri, 2008-12-19 at 11:46 +0800, Daniel wrote:
> I backup data in test_laptop folder in my laptop to the server. And I use
> another PC to get data back from server, and the folder is named with
> test_pc. But rsync is going to create a folder test_laptop in test_pc. I
> just wanna everything in test_laptop to be exactly in test_pc.

This indicates that rsync is seeing "test_laptop" as a folder inside the
source.  If you want that folder mapped directly to the destination,
that would typically require appending "test_laptop/" to the source

> I use following command to back current data to server.
> rsync  -avzrtopg --progress --delete --backup
> --backup-dir=Increment/2000-00-03-180303
> "/cygdrive/d/backup_test/back/test_laptop/" admin at

That's odd: you do have the trailing slash on the source, so that
command shouldn't have created a "test_laptop" folder inside the
"admin_test" module.  But in any case...

> And use following command to restore data back to another folder
> rsync  -avzrtopg --progress admin at
> "/cygdrive/d/backup_test/back/test_pc"

Try this:

rsync  -avzrtopg --progress admin at


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