[Pilot]Recover to a different folder failed! Any way out of the problem?

Daniel daniel_li at usish.com
Fri Dec 19 03:46:08 GMT 2008

Dear Sir,
I have a question about rsync restore process.
I backup data in test_laptop folder in my laptop to the server. And I use
another PC to get data back from server, and the folder is named with
test_pc. But rsync is going to create a folder test_laptop in test_pc. I
just wanna everything in test_laptop to be exactly in test_pc. Is there any
option available?

Please help me! An modification of below commands are appreciated! Thanks.

I use following command to back current data to server.
rsync  -avzrtopg --progress --delete --backup
"/cygdrive/d/backup_test/back/test_laptop/" admin at

And use following command to restore data back to another folder
rsync  -avzrtopg --progress admin at

Best Regards  
Daniel Li 
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42nd building,1387 Zhang Dong Rd, Pudong New Area, Shanghai, P.R. China

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