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Mon Dec 1 18:19:43 GMT 2008

Hi Steve - I posted a similar question a few days ago as I was getting  
warnings like:

28/11/2008 15:47:16 mdworker[1065] (Warning) Import: Bad path:/Volumes/ 

In this path the file name "Südtirol.xls" (with u umlaut) has its  
umlaut replaced by "�" (black diamond with a question mark). I added  
comments in brackets as I'm not sure how these characters will print  
on other peoples screens.

I'm very interested in the outcome of this issue.


On 1 Dec 2008, at 17:15, Steve Lefevre wrote:

> I'm using cygwin to backup files from a windows machine to a unix host
> with rsync. I originally uploaded the bulk of the files using a
> windows ftp client, and then planned on doing updates nightly with
> rsync.
> Some of the filenames have strange characters in them, such as the
> trademark symbol, and other characters, such as European letters.
> Rsync doesn't like the filenames as they exist on the server; it
> deletes them and uploads the same files with escaped characters in the
> filename.
> I was looking for what switch to use to tell rsync to use a windows
> character set, and it seems like I need to use is --iconv, but i'm
> unsure what character set windows uses ( this is xp ), or in other
> words, what the argument should be.
> I suppose one solution is to let rsync be in charge of the filename
> character sets, but I want to make sure that if we have to pull from
> our rsync backup, that we aren't getting strange characters. My upload
> isn't finished yet, so I haven't be able to test a download.
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