character set for Windows?

Steve Lefevre lefevre.10 at
Mon Dec 1 17:15:19 GMT 2008

I'm using cygwin to backup files from a windows machine to a unix host
with rsync. I originally uploaded the bulk of the files using a
windows ftp client, and then planned on doing updates nightly with

Some of the filenames have strange characters in them, such as the
trademark symbol, and other characters, such as European letters.
Rsync doesn't like the filenames as they exist on the server; it
deletes them and uploads the same files with escaped characters in the

I was looking for what switch to use to tell rsync to use a windows
character set, and it seems like I need to use is --iconv, but i'm
unsure what character set windows uses ( this is xp ), or in other
words, what the argument should be.

I suppose one solution is to let rsync be in charge of the filename
character sets, but I want to make sure that if we have to pull from
our rsync backup, that we aren't getting strange characters. My upload
isn't finished yet, so I haven't be able to test a download.

"Computers are useless. They can only give you answers"
-- Pablo Picasso

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