Partial Transfer Problem

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Thu Aug 21 19:35:16 GMT 2008

< The receiving rsync first creates a temporary file in the destination directory with a name in the format ".foo.XXXXXX", where "foo"
< represents the name of the source file.  Only when rsync is interrupted does it convert the temporary file to a partial file named exactly "foo"
< and placed in a --partial-dir if one is specified.
< Perhaps the file you see is really a temporary file, not a partial file, and the receiving rsync is dying in such a way that it doesn't have a chance to store the temporary file as a partial file.  Rsync reuses only partial files, not temporary files, so this would explain rsync's failure to reuse the transferred data on the next run.  To confirm (or
< refute) this idea, what is the name of the file that appears in the destination?  And what were the last few lines of output from rsync before it exited, leaving the file behind?
< Matt

Ah, that explains it.  I was killing the rsync script and that didn't give it time to convert the temporary file to a partial file.  I just tried it again, but this time I stopped the daemon on the other side and it worked as expected.

Thank you.

- Kyle

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