Rsync sending files that haven't been updated.

becca23 ronumber23 at
Fri Aug 1 17:43:55 GMT 2008

Yes it does appear that I have some sort of UTC disaster on my hands. For
testing, both the Linux and Windows machine are virtual machines on a VMware
server. The current UTC time for that one is 6:39. The Linux UTC time is
listed as 5:39 which agrees with The windows machine is
one or two hours ahead of that depending on whether I set it for daylight
savings time or not. Help?!

> I have never known rsync to mangle mtimes in transit, so I'm guessing
> that the apparent one-hour difference is a timezone issue.  Rsync
> preserves mtimes in UTC, so if you rsync a file from one machine to
> another machine set to a different timezone, the second machine will
> naturally show a different local mtime for the file.  Check that both
> machines have the timezone setting you expect, and if they are in
> different timezones, make sure they have the same *UTC* system time (as
> shown by "date -u"; I don't know the Windows equivalent).
> Matt
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