Rsync sending files that haven't been updated.

Matt McCutchen matt at
Fri Aug 1 14:20:16 GMT 2008

On Thu, 2008-07-31 at 14:20 -0700, becca23 wrote:
> Yes, I assumed that was the problem, but I removed the -t option for a
> reason.

Well, to avoid resending the same files, you'll need the -t option
(unless you want to use -u and count on source file mtimes never being
touched to a time other than the current time, but that may be
susceptible to the same problem as -t).  So let's try to fix the issue
with -t.

> I am syncing between Windows and Linux and it was keeping the
> timestamps from the Windows side when copying to Linux. Even though both
> systems had the same system time, the timestamp was always one hour ahead of
> what it should be.

I have never known rsync to mangle mtimes in transit, so I'm guessing
that the apparent one-hour difference is a timezone issue.  Rsync
preserves mtimes in UTC, so if you rsync a file from one machine to
another machine set to a different timezone, the second machine will
naturally show a different local mtime for the file.  Check that both
machines have the timezone setting you expect, and if they are in
different timezones, make sure they have the same *UTC* system time (as
shown by "date -u"; I don't know the Windows equivalent).

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