rsync transfers always all files

grooveminister sven at
Sun Apr 13 18:43:45 GMT 2008

I have a problem with rsync and it looks like this way. I use this command
to sync to folders. It's my home directory on my Mac Book P. and a Samba
share on an Debian Linux Server.

rsync -vur --delete  /Users/tom/ /Volumes/<share on SambaServer>/backup/tom/

I use this command a long time and with my local HD and an USB connected
external HD runs perfectly. Now I put my external USB HD on my Debian Server
and shared the whole partiton with Samba. When I sync the folders it sync
all files and folders. (see details)

sent 17661737425 bytes  received 198860 bytes  6709187.57 bytes/sec
total size is 67704041466  speedup is 3.83
rsync error: some files could not be transferred (code 23) at

When I sync again these folders all files will be transfered, without all
that changes. Some cache folders are changed, but thats all. What is this
the problem?

One thing additional, when I sync two smaler folder on my local to the Samba
share, everything works fine!

I have no Idea what happens and what is the error # 23. I heared it is not
that important.



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