rsync error: some files could not be transferred -- How to ignore

Kyle Crawford kcrwfrd at
Wed Apr 9 14:54:45 GMT 2008

On Apr 8, 2008, at 11:27 PM, Kenneth Seal <hunzinker at> wrote:

> Hi Wayne,
> I read your thread online at 
>  and I am having a similar problem.
> In my case, rsync displays the error code "rsync error: some files  
> could not be transferred (code 23)" and it kills my script. Do you  
> have any advice on how would I go about writing, researching etc. a  
> script to tell rsync to ignore such errors?
> I am using the bash shell in Mac OS 10.5.2. Any help would be much  
> appreciated.
> Many thanks,
> Ken
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The result code of a command is stored in a special variable named $?

Check the value of that variable in an if statement immediately after  
the rsync line in your script

If the value is 0 then there were no errors.  If the value is 23, then  
you could log a warning or not. If there is any other value in $? ,  
then you have another problem.

If we could see the relevant lines of your script we might be able to  
provide more help.

Also you control whether your script succeeds or fails based on the  
last line in your script.

If you want it to succeed, the last line would be

exit 0

Google for advanced bash scripting guide for more info.


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