rsync installation _error exit code1

Paul Slootman paul+rsync at
Mon Apr 7 15:13:49 GMT 2008

On Mon 07 Apr 2008, sri vasulu wrote:
> Hello Paul Slootman,
> Thank you very much for your suggestion,
> In my machine i had cc compiler , it seems to be older version.Is it
> necessary to use GNU C compiler to install rsync or can i proceed with
> latest version of CC compiler.

As long as it's a "real" C compiler that understands ANSI C, then it
should work. However, it may be easier to use GCC.

You could also simply use a precompiled rsync version, eg. from
(although it is an older version).
You can probably also download GCC (and its dependencies) from there.

Paul Slootman

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