rsync installation _error exit code1

sri vasulu mlumtech at
Mon Apr 7 14:37:14 GMT 2008

Hello Paul Slootman,
Thank you very much for your suggestion,
In my machine i had cc compiler , it seems to be older version.Is it
necessary to use GNU C compiler to install rsync or can i proceed with
latest version of CC compiler.

could you please suggest a solution for this error ,along with this please
provide a installation procedure for required compiler to solve this's very urgent waiting for your reply.

with regards,
mannam srinivas

On 4/7/08, Paul Slootman <paul+rsync at <paul%2Brsync at>>
> On Mon 07 Apr 2008, sri vasulu wrote:
> >
> > Iam installing rsync version 3.01. on HP-UNIX .
> >
> > while installing rsync i am getting errors pls guide me how to solve
> threse
> > errors.
> Note the message below:
> > WARNING: rsync requires an ANSI C compiler and you don't
> seem to have one
> This leads to errors such as:
> > (Bundled) cc: "lib/pool_alloc.h", line 10: error 1705: Function
> prototypes are an ANSI feature.
> Please get a "real" C compiler, the bundled version is probably just
> enough to relink your kernel for reconfiguration purposes, not for
> compiling real programs.
> There's probably a GNU C compiler available...
> Paul Slootman
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