micro rsync

Jamie Lokier jamie at shareable.org
Wed Oct 31 02:22:24 GMT 2007

Paul Slootman wrote:
> > Just wondering if anybody has thought about this.  I would like to
> > attempt to setup a router with dd-wrt and a NAS device as a home
> > backup system without a computer.  The processor is 200+MHz and I
> > can have a maximum of 6MB on the device and a mounted samba
> > storage volume.  It may also be possible to have
> > a USB hard drive in use instead of NAS.  Is this possible.  Thanks.

> I expect you may get more suitable answers on an openwrt list or forum,
> probably...

If it's an MMU-less device running uClinux or BSD, the standard rsync
won't work because fork() is missing.  You have to use the patched
version which uses threads instead.  I have been doing that with some
success on my device, which is a mere 166MHz MMU-less ARM.

-- Jamie

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