rsync stops/hangs (from windows to debian)

Fabian Cenedese Cenedese at
Fri Oct 5 08:34:48 GMT 2007

At 01:26 05.10.2007 -0700, Miles Raymond wrote:
>I'm not using rsync through ssh since this is on an internal network.  Would pipes still be used?
>The only difference I can tell between my situation and Alain's is that my case the windows client is sending files instead of receiving.
>Are there any suggestions for a work-around other than switch all the computers to *nix (which I'm in the process of doing anyway)?  I'm hoping for a more immediate solution...

You can try to build (or find) a cygwin version of the new 3.0.0 or the
cvs version. I also had stalls using the Linux 2.6.9 that were solved
using the newer rsync (so no cygwin involved). I don't know if a "simple"
bugfix was responsible for this or the new protocol 30. In the latter case
you need to have the new rsync on both ends or they use an earlier

bye  Fabi

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