why not a gui for rsync

Suresh Govindachar sgovindachar at yahoo.com
Mon Oct 1 16:26:29 GMT 2007

  Regarding the recommendation:

  > Delta Copy: http://www.aboutmyip.com/AboutMyXApp/DeltaCopy.jsp
  > It has a gui already. No need to reinvent the wheel.

  I went over the FAQ and the documentation for Delta Copy.  Delta
  Copy does not provide any means to continually monitor an on-going
  rsync process.  The most they do is: 

    | Question: What type of logging is available in DeltaCopy 
    | Answer: Besides the logging options available in Rsync,
    |         DeltaCopy provides two additional logs: 
    | deltac.log       - available on DeltaCopy client 
    | DeltaService.log - available on DeltaCopy server 
    | deltac.log file contains information about the DeltaCopy
    | client. It logs a message when a profile is run and
    | notifications emails are sent to the user. 
    | DeltaService.log is available where DeltaCopy server is
    | installed and contains messages when service is started or
    | stopped. 
    | It is important to know that rsync supports additional logging
    | that can be configured by specifying additional parameters
    | either on DeltaCopy client or server. Please refer to rsync
    | documentation for more information about logging options
    | available for rsync. 
    | When rsync.exe is executed in the back-ground by DeltaCopy, it
    | generates status messages which are sent to standard output.
    | DeltaCopy captures these messages and sends them via email. 

  Observe that Delta Copy relies on rsync itself to provide insight
  into the status of the on-going transaction.   
  So the question remains:  In regard to output, rsync has the
  following features:  
      a) -v option with various levels of verbosity 
      b) --stats 
      c) --log-file=foo 
      d) messages rsync prints to stdout 
      e) messages rsync prints to stderr. 

  Where can one find an explanation of the format, content
  and interpretation of the outputs (a-e)?



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