why not a gui for rsync

Stephen Zemlicka stevezemlicka at gmail.com
Mon Oct 1 13:22:14 GMT 2007

There are times I use deltacopy locally.  I have a couple clients backing up
to removable hard disks with it.  Just start the server service on the local
machine.  For the server's ip, type in or localhost and you can
backup locally with deltacopy.  Deltacopy is the best gui for windows IMO.
Plus, it supports e-mail notification which I utilize heavily.

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At 00:04 01.10.2007 -0500, Robert wrote:
>>   > Is there some works in the world trying to make a good gui for
>>   > rsync and to let all people using this very good method to make
>>   > a backup.
>>   >
>>   > If somebody is interesting to create this gui, let me know
>>   --Suresh
>Delta Copy: http://www.aboutmyip.com/AboutMyXApp/DeltaCopy.jsp
>It has a gui already. No need to reinvent the wheel.

Delta Copy unfortunately only works in client/server mode. As I also
need local mode this is no option (though it looks nice). So me too
I still haven't found a simple, user-friendly GUI.

bye  Fabi

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