Rsync shouldn't display a meaningless speedup on a dry run

Matt McCutchen matt at
Wed Nov 7 23:08:22 GMT 2007

On Wed, 2007-11-07 at 00:08 -0500, foner-rsync at wrote:
> Then how about this:  If your patch winds up in rsync, it requires a
> patch to the manpage entry for -n that says, essentially, "You can't
> trust the actual information emitted when running with -n to match
> what gets emitted if you haven't specified -n.  Therefore, if you're
> writing things that parse rsync's output, you must ensure that your
> script works with and without -n.  Here is an itemization of those
> things that might be different in its output with and without -n:
>   (a) With -n, the speedup line will be omitted.
>   (b) ....?"
> Etc.

My proposed omission of the speedup would be far from the first
difference in output between dry and real runs.  In any event, the man
page description of --dry-run needs some serious work.  I propose the
attached patch, which even comes with a commit message:

Improve the man page and --help descriptions of --dry-run.  In particular,
make it clear that --dry-run turns off action without turning on verbosity,
and mention some statistics that are meaningless on a dry run.

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