rsyncing files that might change

Jamie Lokier jamie at
Thu Nov 1 12:20:37 GMT 2007

Franc Carter wrote:
>      >Unfortunately, yes.
>      Shouldn't that be caught by the fact that the source file has a new
>      (or at least different) time stamp now?
>    Sorry, I should have given a clearer example.
>    All in one second
>        1.  a  process  modifies  the  file  and  hence updates the source
>    timesatmp
>       2. rsync starts
>       3. rsync sends the first chunk of data
>        4. a process modified the chunk that has been sent, but because it
>    is in the
>           same second there is no visible change to the timestamp
>      bye   Fabi

If this is a real problem, you might try a filesystem and OS version
which supports microsecond or nanosecond timestamps.

There's still no guarantee that changes are detected, but it's more

Oh, and I'm not sure if rsync reads the sub-second timestamps yet :-)

-- Jamie

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