Archive parameter doesn't preserve owner:group property!

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Thu May 31 14:54:43 GMT 2007

The uid and gid are numbers.  These numbers  **MIGHT** correspond to one or
more names.
As a convenience and courtesy, rsync attempts to preserve names across the
Who ever is running the rsync daemon must have the rights to make the
changes or there is nothing possible for rsync to do.
To preserve the groups, I think the owner can change groups to/from groups
that the owner is in.
You will want to test on you system exactly what is tolerated --- I'd expect
that the owner needs to belong to both groups.
If it were me, I'd use chroot and uid=root and gid=root
--- but then I've found that OPEN-NESS seems to be the only effective and
cost-effective security mechanism. (Even to ridiculous extents;)
(Everything else seems like turning out the street lights so the bad guys
can't see you)


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Does I have to set gid and uid to "root"? or can I preserve initial
owner:group setting uid to "david" and gid to "rsync-users"?
Can I give to rsync-users the right to preserve owner:group? How? 
Is there a conflict between  --numeric-ids and others parameters? because
rsync doesn't preserve even "in root" owner:group if gid is a number instead
of string.

I have post to many Linux forums...rsync mailing-list is my last chance. 

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