Status of --ignorcase option in main tree/build?

Charles Marcus CMarcus at
Wed May 2 17:01:20 GMT 2007


I'm very interested in learning the status of the --ignorecase patch 
being included in the main tree... is there a reason it still isn't in 

For anyone who is forced to dealing with backing up windows boxes, this 
is a big problem, and I can't believe that it isn't affecting a lot of 

Or maybe there is a simple workaround?

I'm trying to backup files from a windows/ntfs filesystem to a linux 
filesystem, and running into a problem where the users rename files, and 
sometimes change the case (sometimes in the name, sometimes in the 
extension), causing the file to get backed up multiple times.

Or - maybe - is there a way to ignore the filenames altogether? :)

Lastly, can anyone help me with patching the version of rsync that comes 
in cwrsync (the windows version)?

Tia... and thanks for rsync! it is one freakin awesome tool...


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