rsync --owner=myaccount

Ezequiel Panepucci epanepucci at
Wed May 2 09:36:58 GMT 2007

Hello Community ,

We will be using rsync to keep data flowing from a data-collection
computer (data belongs to user "det") to a data-processing
computer where the data is to be owned by whichever
account is doing the experiment.

I would like to run rsync and be able to specify the target
UID/GID to use on the command line.

For security reasons, the user doing data processing
does not have direct access to the computer doing
the data-collection so rsync must run as root which
then is able to read the data transfer it and change its
owner ship.

I found the message below (from 10/2001) addressing
this issue and it looked like the patch had not found
resistance. Unfortunately I cannot get this to work
(of course the man page doesn't suggest it should...).

Can someone clarify if this is in the pipeline for rsync 3.0.0?

Right now I am using a python script which will be doing the
chown but I really think this feature would be very usefull
in general, not to say *much* faster when dealing with lots
of files.

Thanks in advance,

keywords: transfer superuser chown ownership chgrp

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