Rsyncing to arbitary locations using modules

Matthew Boulter mboulter at
Thu Mar 1 23:51:37 GMT 2007


I have been experimenting with the various rsync options and so far have
had no luck, so I thought I would ask the experts out there.
We have remote devices out in the field and communicate with them via
I am writing an app that will push new audio files out to remote devices
using rsync. The app also periodically uses rsync to grab log files.

So here is my scenario:

The Remote Device is running an rsync daemon.
My application has the audio files it needs to send, kept in the

In there, there is a bunch of *.mp3 files that I will need to send.
The remote device is running Windows CE, and on that device the audio
are stored in the following location:

Now I have a module on the remote device that points to this location,
however all of the things I've tried when executing my rsync command
causes a '/stop_names/' or '/destinations/' directory to be created
under 'internal'.

Essentially I need a way to take arbitary files from my 'stop_names' and
other directories and then push them to specific locations on the rsync
daemon, i.e., not mirroring. But I want to use modules so that not ssh
key exchange is required.

Any help would be appreciated.

Matthew M. Boulter
Systems Engineer
Technisyst Pty Ltd

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