Feature Request: case insensitivity for filter rules

Steven Morehouse steven at criticalnode.com
Thu Mar 1 17:58:00 GMT 2007

Thanks Matt!

Now the only thing is... I don't know how to patch a patch :(  Sorry, I'm 
not very experienced with building from source.  Figuring out how to apply a 
patch to rsync's source was easy since the patch begins with instructions... 
but your patch doesn't (that I can decipher anyway).  If I understand 
correctly, your patch patches the patch that patches the src, right?  Any 
tips would be very much appreciated. Thanks.

 - Steven

>> I've seen the ignore-case patch, but as far as I can tell that's for
>> source/destination matching.  That's a different issue entirely I think.
>> What I'm proposing would only need to take effect on the sending side. 
>> In
>> situations where they also need matching against the receiving side, 
>> there
>> is the ignore-case patch as well.

>It looks like --ignore-case was intended to apply to include/exclude
>rules but is broken: wildmatch_array does not set force_lower_case.
>The attached metapatch to ignore-case.diff updates offsets and fixes
>the mistake so that --ignore-case works on include/exclude rules.


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