rsync 3 + Apple patches on MacOS X 10.4.9

Giuliano Gavazzi dev+lists at
Tue Jun 19 11:06:38 GMT 2007


As soon as I find a little time I will try to manually apply Apple's  
extended attributes patches (that apply to the 2.6.3 version) to the  
trunk rsync 3. I say manually as I already noticed some differences  
that would make a patch impossible.
There is a clash with the -E option and a redundancy with the "-A, -- 
acls" and "-X, --xattrs" options, so I think I will disable these  
last two and use -X option for the Apple extended attributes. ACL  
support for MacOSX is not yet in place in rsync3, but I see that  
extended attributes have specific code (when HAVE_OSX_XATTRS is 1).  
However the Apple patch, and presumably the way acls are implemented,  
does not allow for the factorisation of the two, so I wonder how you  
did implement extended attributes and will avoid clashes by disabling  
both in the original (trunk) code.

If you have any observations please do!



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