DO NOT REPLY [Bug 4793] link-dest hardlink does not always work well with -o -g -p

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Fri Jul 20 05:22:20 GMT 2007

------- Comment #2 from getarealname at  2007-07-20 00:22 CST -------
> You can accomplish this yourself by filling the destination with hard-links
> from the previous backup in advance using "cp -al".  

I'll give this a shot.

> You might also consider representing the source attributes in a separate file
> in the backup so that there is no need to use -ogp.

Is there a tool to save permissions and then reapply them? 
This would work for me.

> I think it's odd to want to preserve attributes in the current backup but
> not care about attributes in previous backups being overwritten.

I honestly didn't think it that odd. To explain: When we need to restore an
entire file system due to hardware error, it will without exception be from the
last available backup. In this case it is desirable to restore all permissions. 

The main/only reason to go to older snapshots is if a user needs an older copy
of the data within one of his files where the latest backup is insufficient. In
this case we could restore the backup file over top of his current file if it
exists while keeping the current permissions (this might be preferred even if
backup permissions were available).

> I don't see a strong argument for building support for this into rsync.

Fair enough.

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