DO NOT REPLY [Bug 4793] link-dest hardlink does not always work well with -o -g -p

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Mon Jul 16 20:58:14 GMT 2007

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> I know rsync is being designed around an ext3 limitation,

I wouldn't consider it a "limitation" that a file only has one owner, group,
and mode no matter which hard link is used to access it.  However, allowing
identical data blocks to be shared between files would be a nice enhancement to
ext3 (or any filesystem).

> however I would
> prefer if there was a way to force rsync to always hardlink and then force it
> to chown,chmod the files.This would make a restore operation easier and still
> allow access to data from the previous backups. One obviously would have to
> accept that the permissions for previous backups might be changed since that
> backup took place.

You can accomplish this yourself by filling the destination with hard-links
from the previous backup in advance using "cp -al".  You might also consider
representing the source attributes in a separate file in the backup so that
there is no need to use -ogp.

> Does anyone else think this would this be a useful feature to have?

Hm.  I think it's odd to want to preserve attributes in the current backup but
not care about attributes in previous backups being overwritten.  I don't see a
strong argument for building support for this into rsync.

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