using rsync 3.0.0 CVS version

Paul Slootman paul at
Mon Jan 22 21:04:10 GMT 2007

On Mon 22 Jan 2007, Matt McCutchen wrote:

> I can't reproduce this hang in the current rsync from CVS.  I tried
> pushing an empty directory to a daemon on the same machine, but rsync
> finished successfully.

This was to another system, over Gbit ethernet; both sides are amd64,
running in 64 bits mode.
In case it matters, here are the relevant bits from rsyncd.conf:

log file=/var/log/rsyncd
pid file=/var/run/
syslog facility=daemon
timeout = 12345

        comment = lange termijn storage
        path = /data
        use chroot = yes
        read only = no
        list = yes
        uid = root
        gid = root
        hosts allow =
        ignore errors = no
        ignore nonreadable = yes
        transfer logging = no
        log format = %t: host %h (%a) %o %f (%l bytes). Total %b bytes.
        timeout = 3600
        dont compress = *.gz *.tgz *.zip *.z *.rpm *.deb *.bz2 *.tbz *.jpg *.gif *.pdf

Hmm, I just noticed that the chroot timezone problem is still there as

2007/01/22 19:38:05 [579] connect from aquaman.oob (
2007/01/22 19:38:05 [579] rsync to backup/jip.oob from aquaman.oob (
2007/01/22 18:38:05 [579] receiving file list

Paul Slootman

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