bug with --link-dest ?

Tony Abernethy tony at servacorp.com
Mon Jan 22 10:08:02 GMT 2007

it-rsync at ml.epigenomics.com wrote:
> Hi!
> I am running rsync 2.6.4 (on Debian sarge) and I am experiencing a
> strange behaviour.
> I am trying to create an identical filetree on the same filesystems with
> the single files being hardlinks to the source like this:
> rsync -vaH --progress --delete --stats --numeric-ids -x 
> --link-dest=/path/to/filetree/ /path/to/filetree/ /path/to/current/
> /path/to is one filesystem. This creates hardlinks for the files in
> /path/to/filetree/ in /path/to/current/
> When calling rsync with relative paths like this:
> cd /path/to; rsync -vaH --progress --delete --stats --numeric-ids 
> -x --link-dest=./filetree/ ./filetree/ ./current/
> rsync does not create hardlinks but copies the files instead.
> Is this intentional behaviour?

If my understanding is right, that would attempt to link files from 

You maybe want a --link-dest=../filetree

(Flames invited if I've got this wrong)

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