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I got rsnapshot working, but I am still unclear about a few things. Say I have intervals

 daily 7
 weekly 4
 monthly 12

so running "rsnapshot daily" for seven days will create files daily.0, daily.1, daily.2, daily3, daily.4, daily.5, daily.6
If at the end of the week I do "rsnapshot weekly", then daily.6 gets moved to weekly.0

The next time daily runs, 5 will move to 6, 4 to 5, etc, and a new 0 will be created.

Now what I don't understand, either I have to run weekly each day (which is effectively a daily)
or, if I wait till the next week, then all the files that are daily.6 will get removed and be lost, until
the next week when that daily.6 gets copied to weekly. What do I do?

On a related but slightly different note. If I have a cronjob to run once a month (say the 1st day) and do a
"rsnapshot monthly" that won't sync exactly with weekly. I have to give weekly an interval of 4 (or 5).
Sometimes there are 4 weeks in a month and sometimes 5 (by "weeks" I mean days that a backup is done.
For instance, if I do daily on Sundays, some months have 4 Sundays and some 5. I would lose data there too).

What do you do?


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