Newbie can't figure out error messages

John Jason Jordan johnxj at
Tue Jan 16 23:17:44 GMT 2007

I am trying to use rsync to create a mirror of my Linux laptop (Ubuntu
Dapper amd-64) onto a USB drive hanging on a Windows 2000 desktop over
ethernet. The folder I want to rsync to is /laptop and the USB drive is
mounted at /media/smb using the following:

sudo mount -t smbfs -o username=jcj //Devil4/Linux_Backups /media/smb

Mounting works fine -- the mount command shows the USB drive as mounted.

I have been working on the rsync command for over a day. The following
is what I am using at this point:

sudo rsync -av --delete --exclude=/proc --exclude=/media / /media/smb/laptop

This does copy the files to the /laptop folder on the USB drive. That
is, Windows Explorer sees the files there, so I know I have copied the
files there and not just to the /media/smb mount point. However, I get
a lot of error messages like the following (chosen at random):

rsync: mknod "/media/smb/laptop/dev/.static/dev/.static/dev/rfcomm74" failed: Operation not permitted (1) rsync: symlink
"/media/smb/laptop/dev/.static/dev/.static/dev/sr0" -> "scd0" failed: Operation not permitted (1)

When I say "a lot of error messages" I mean more error messages than
files actually copied. I selected the above two because all the error
messages related to mknod and symlink.

I haven't been using Linux very long and I don't understand how to fix
this. I have read the man page and I have googled all over, but can't
find anything that explains what to do about these error messages. All
I can find is that (1) means a syntax error, but that doesn't make any
sense if it is a permissions problem.

Can anyone help?

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