rsync 2.6.9 ignoring hidden files?

Alan Ezust alan.ezust at
Tue Jan 16 18:32:16 GMT 2007

Apologies - you can ignore this message. For some reason I thought the
.config file was there, but as you suggested, it was missing from this
particular source tree.  On subseuqent tests, I found that the .config
file was copied over without problems.

On 1/16/07, Matt McCutchen <hashproduct+rsync at> wrote:
> On 1/16/07, Alan Ezust <alan.ezust at> wrote:
> > rsync -avz  linux- yuzu:/usr/src/linux-
> >
> > I also tried adding this option:
> >
> > --include=".*"
> >
> > but in both cases, the .config file was not copied over. It seems that
> > rsync is copying hidden directories but not hidden files. Is there an
> > option I am missing somewhere?
> As far as I know, rsync does not treat files whose names begin with a
> dot (traditionally "hidden" files) specially.  Are you sure .config
> exists on the source but not the destination?  Did rsync mention in
> the verbose output that it was trying to copy .config ?
> Matt

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