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Thu Jan 11 02:04:08 GMT 2007

The modify-window switch (actually 1 is supposed to be enough)
is because DOS cannot store odd seconds
and an even number and an odd number are never the same number.

If I am understanding you right, the ssh should NOT be there. (flames
invited if I'm wrong)
You are rsyncing from a local source
to a local source
(the smb share is remote, but your access to it via samba is local)

The times of interest
The timestamp on the source file
The implicit timestamp based on when the source was copied to the
Which is what is left on the target?
(With windows, there is a confusion between when the copy started and when
the copy ended)

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> > > I have a FreeBSD unix server that I want to backup to a USB drive
> > > attached to a Windows 2000 server. I mount the smb share on the Unix
> > > server and then try to rsync from the source directory to the mounted
> > > directory, but it syncs all files every time. Can someone suggest if
> > > this should work and what my problem may be?
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> On Tue, 2007-01-09 at 10:39 +0000, Stuart Halliday wrote:
> > You need to make allowances for the 2 different time systems.
> >
> > Put this in the Rsync line --modify-window=3
> >
> Thanks, but no help, I even set it as high as 100 and still syncs all
> files every time. I compared the time on both server, the Unix box where
> rsync is running the following command is 17:20:38 while the Windows
> 2000 server is 5:17:30 PM. I'm sure I can get them in sync, but wouldn't
> the --modify-window suggestion take care of this?
> rsync -aze ssh --progress --stats --modify-window=100
> /path/to/source /path/to/mounted/smb/share/
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