Number of files to be transferred?

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If you perform a dry run (-n) with --stats, before the actual run (will only
add an overhead of typically a few seconds. a few minutes at worst depending
on size) you can get an idea of the "number of files to be transferred" and
"total transferred file size",

although the latter is (as adequately labeled) "total", and does not
represent the lower total size that would be transferred after skipping any
similar blocks.





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I'm writing a wrapper around a large number of rsyncs that need to happen,
and it would be great if I could parse the output of a running rsync and
find out how far along it is.  To do this, I would need to know how many
files the rsync is going to transfer.  If I run 'rsync -avz --progress', it
tells me how many files it is considering, but not how many it actually
needs to update.

Does anyone know how to get rsync to show how many files it will actually



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