Pushing hard-linked backups

Eric S. Johansson esj at harvee.org
Mon Dec 24 23:34:37 GMT 2007

Matt McCutchen wrote:

> - Are you backing up just your own laptop, or should the setup accommodate
> multiple machines?

seems to me that the first is a subset of the latter
> - Is it a priority to keep the client script simple?

it would be nice but hiding complexity behind a good ui is ok too.

> - Does the backup server need to be robust against malicious clients?

some.  authentication and confidentiality as provided by ssh should be a good
baseline.  I'd love for the remote backup to be encrypted locally so one could
backup to a hostile host.  M of N splitting would be a dream.

> - Should the data be encrypted as it passes over the network?

yes.  ssh would be fine

I would love it if we were not dependent on cygwin (full install) but had 
something completely stand alone.

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