rsync hangs when accessing through SSH (Leopard OS X)

Alexandros Papadopoulos apapadop at
Sat Dec 8 11:31:38 GMT 2007

On Sunday 02 December 2007 22:39, Greg Loesch wrote:
> To preface, I'm running Leopard OSX and am using rsync  version 2.6.9
> protocol version 29.
> Whenever I attempt to sync (using rsync obviously) a folder on my
> local drive to my web server ( is my web host) using SSH,
> the process hangs. I have to force kill it in order to continue using
> Terminal. I can connect to my server space using SSH just fine by
> itself, and I ran rsync to sync two folders locally just fine. Is
> there some special syntax I need to use when using rsync with SSH?
> I've searched google and the mailing lists, and I didn't find much.
> I'm fairly inexperienced with Unix, so I believe that I am the culprit
> of this problem :-)
> This is the syntax I'm using:
> 'rsync -avz /iWeb/test [username]'

1. Is rsync installed on the machine you're transferring stuff to?
2. Assuming the destination folder TEST is in your home directory on the 
target server, try the syntax:
rsync -avvz -e "ssh -v" /iWeb/test [username]


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