rsync hangs when accessing through SSH (Leopard OS X)

Izidor Jerebic ij.list at
Fri Dec 7 17:44:56 GMT 2007

On 7.12.2007, at 17:13, Greg Loesch wrote:

> Okay, I tried adding the extra v's and this is what I ended up with.  
> I'm now using the latest version (3.0.x or whatever it is).
> cmd=<NULL> machine=[sitename] user=[username] path=[filepath]
> cmd[0]=ssh cmd[1]=-l cmd[2]=[username] cmd[3]=[sitename]  
> cmd[4]=rsync cmd[5]=--server cmd[6]=-vvvvvvvvvlogDtprze30.15i  
> cmd[7]=. cmd[8]=[filepath]
> note: iconv_open("UTF-8", "UTF-8") succeeded.
> opening connection using: ssh -l [username] [sitename] rsync -- 
> server -vvvvvvvvvlogDtprze30.15i . [filepath]
> [username[@[sitename]'s password:
> Once I enter my password it hangs. Is this of any help? I did  
> contact the webhost and this is what the guy told me, "At the  
> moment, we do not support this UNIX SSH command." Does that make  
> sense?

It is strange to allow ssh and disallow rsync, but possible...

It seems that you are out of luck.


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