error in rsync protocol data stream

Richard Jones ra.jones at
Tue Dec 4 22:28:48 GMT 2007

Richard Jones wrote:
> Help. This one's defeated me so far. I'm tring to push files from from a 
> local Ubuntu 6.06 server to a remote Ubuntu 6.06 server using rsync (v 
> 2.6.6 installed on both via apt-get). Every time I get the same eg:

Not much help so far :-( I've managed to isolate the problem somewhat, 
but am still baffled. I have 4 more-or-less identical setups which I 
have experimented with pushing files between. Two remote VPS servers can 
transfer files in either direction OK, and both can push files to my 
local server OK, but my local server cannot transfer files to either 
remote server. But it can transfer files to a local VMware server 
located on the same network.

 From this I conclude there is something interfering with file transfers 
from my local network to the outside - a firewall perhaps? The rsync 
message can get across the divide, as it generates a remote response, 
but no files ever get transferred.

There is nothing obvious on the local server IP tables, but the router 
has some rules for port forwarding inbound port 22 to the local server. 
I don't see why it should prevent outbound rsync file transfer, since it 
doesn't block outbound mail, but is there something in the router config 
I should examine more closely?

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