Bidirectional rsync with "trash" support

Matt McCutchen matt at
Sun Dec 2 16:47:56 GMT 2007

On Sun, 2007-12-02 at 15:44 +0100, Alan Franzoni wrote:
> I have a folder I share between two computers of mine, A and B. What i
> want is to be able to keep it in full sync. If a file is added in A,
> it should be added to B when rsyncing, and viceversa. If a file is
> updated, it should be updated, if it gets moved or renamed, it should
> be moved or renamed, and so on; .But I'd like that, when a file is
> deleted from A, it is *not* deleted from B immediately, but it is
> moved to a special trash folder, which I can later review  and decide
> when to empty, in order to "save" myself from potential errors. 

You could use Unison ( ) with
the "backup" option, which will keep an extra copy of the entire folder
plus deleted files.


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