creation date and OSX

Robert DuToit rdutoit at
Sun Dec 2 04:45:13 GMT 2007

   I've been using rsync (OSX Tiger now Leopard) to backup my home  
folder daily using -a -H -A -X link-dest=dir to make incremental  
backups. There was a problem though since many files especially  
images, movies etc would be recopied each time instead of creating  
hard links. I have been testing the pre5 release and found that it  
seems to make hard links correctly for all files. I am hoping rsync  
3.0 can replace the Apple version which has been so flawed.

I tried the osx-create-time.diff patch too and it works but it took  
twice as long to copy my home folder as without and ground to a halt  
the last time. I know the creation date issue is somewhat "fringe" for  
rsync but it does matter to a lot of OSX folk so I don't know if there  
is any way to speed it up. I've made some small backup wrapper  
applications for people and they always want the creation date.....

I noticed the rsync version that is used now in Carbon Copy Cloner is  
pretty "clean" with meatdata and saves the creation date and is very  
fast.....  Just some thoughts-I don't have any experience with this  
code so can't help in that way.  Thanks, Rob 

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