xattr version generates 'wrong write used in receiver'

Steve Simmons scs at umich.edu
Thu Aug 30 22:56:37 GMT 2007

On Aug 30, 2007, at 6:43 PM, Steve Simmons wrote:

> Applying the xattr and acl patch to 2.6.9, running ./prepare-source  
> and config with
>    ./configure --enable-xattr-support
> results in a version which fails to transfer with the error msg  
> 'wrong write used in receiver' and complaints about protocol  
> mismatch. I see there's a patch for a similar problem when  
> SUPPORT_ACLS is defined; anybody done one for --xattrs? No, I'm not  
> using --acls. Using i386 up-to-date OSX on both sides.

FYI, just blindly applying the same change (adding ' && f >= 0' to  
the test in the if clause) for lines that correspond to the acl patch  
from December seems to work fine - changed attributed are propogated  


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