too many rsync process's?

Robert McLain infiniteitsystems at
Wed Aug 15 19:47:25 GMT 2007

This is my first post here for a reason, rsync has run great on our system
for over 2.5 years now, it seams. I just recently took over this contract
from another IT person who decided to stop showing up to this location. I
had the pleasure of maping out their network of 5 servers and 40
workstations, with no info from anyone who works their (they just dont know
anything). I just recently started checking out how cwrsync was setup on
their system, as I needed a backup solution for a new server I setup.
Currently they use cwrsync to backup a Redhat 8 server to a Windows 2k3
sp2 server, I wanted to add another backup "job" for this new windows 2k3
server to the first 2k3 server. I did some reading, and to be honist with
you, I am still not sure how to properly set this up. But that's not my
issue. Everything was working fine untill last night. The normal backup from
the Redhat to the 2k3 machines started at 9pm, around 10pm I noticed that
the 2k3 server was extremely slugish, checking Task Man I noticed that there
were 7 rsync.exe process's running. I can honistly say I dont know how many
process's rsync usualy runs, but 7 seams a bit extreme. I undid the changes
that I made, witch were not that many, and started the cwserver back up, and
left for the night. I came in this morning to find over 10 rsync process's
running. I am at a loss as to what I may have done. I currently have the
cwserver stoped, untill I can find out what is going on. Any insight would
be greatly apreciated.


CWrsync Server: Windows Small Business Server 2003 SP2

CWrsync Client: Redhat Linux 8

Not sure what version I am running, like I said i'm a noob to rsync, but the
setup log for cygwin says it was installed 9/23/2005. And I have to be an
ass and assume that rsync was setup at the same time.

I dont know if you need any more info, let me know and I would be glad to
provide it.


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