Rsync not deleting files.

Alan Cheers cheersa at
Wed Aug 15 16:20:18 GMT 2007

I have two OpenSuseb 10.2 servers.  The Source server is running rsync --daemon with a module name of server_name and path = /  The Destination server is using crontab to execute the rsync client with these options

rsync -a --exclude="*.tar" --delete source.ip::module /path/to/destination

However rsync is not deleting files that have been deleted from the Source server.  For example, I created an empty directory named testRsync in / and ran rsync.  It added it to the Destination like it is supposed to.  But then when I delete /testRsync from the Source and re-run rsync it does not delete it from the Destination.  

I noticed that it also did not remove the items deleted from /root/.Trash either.

There is one thing I did wrong that may or may not be affecting this.  I have been calling rsync from crontab WITHOUT the --delete option for a few days, ever since I first set it up.  I have since changed that to include the --delete directive.  Does it matter that I didn't use it when creating the destination files?

I am running an strace on the daemon right now to see if anything shows up.  Does anybody have any ideas?


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