Pulling multiple sources from a daemon

Matt McCutchen hashproduct+rsync at gmail.com
Sun Aug 5 17:33:22 GMT 2007

What is the official syntax for pulling multiple sources from a
daemon?  In analogy to a remote shell, I expected this to work:

rsync rsync://matt@mattlaptop2:3141/module/'foo bar' dest/

But it doesn't; the daemon tried to access a file 'foo bar' with a
space in its name.

Using a newline like this does work because the newline becomes an
argument delimiter in the daemon protocol:

rsync rsync://matt@mattlaptop2:3141/module/'foo
bar' dest/

Somehow I doubt this is the official, correct way of pulling multiple sources.

I also tried this:

rsync rsync://matt@mattlaptop2:3141/module/foo
rsync://matt@mattlaptop2:3141/module/bar dest/

But rsync seemed to treat the second source as a local destination
(which didn't exist) and ignore the dest/ entirely.

I ran these tests with rsync 2.6.9.  Has anything changed since then?


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