rsync always gets index.html

Matt McCutchen hashproduct+rsync at
Sun Aug 5 13:29:44 GMT 2007

On 8/5/07, peter pilsl <pilsl at> wrote:
> example:
> the following files are the same for years, but every night rsync copies them again:
> opt_noraid/marcus/usr/local/apache2-140a/manual/vhosts/
> opt_noraid/marcus/usr/local/apache2-140a/manual/vhosts/index.html
> opt_noraid/marcus/usr/local/apache2-140a/manual/vhosts/
> opt_noraid/marcus/usr/local/apache2-140a/manual/vhosts/index.html.en
> opt_noraid/marcus/usr/local/apache2-140a/manual/vhosts/index.html.ja.jis
> opt_noraid/marcus/usr/local/apache2-140a/manual/vhosts/index.html.ko.euc-kr
> opt_noraid/marcus/usr/local/apache2-140a/manual/vhosts/

Pass the -i, --itemize-changes option to see why rsync thought the
files needed copying: `s' indicates a difference in size and `t'
indicates a difference in mtime.  If you get `t', make sure you are
using the -t, --times option to set mtimes of destination files equal
to those of the source files so that rsync can later trust that the
data is the same.


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