compiling rsync on OSX

Thomas Reifferscheid thomas at
Thu Apr 12 20:40:05 GMT 2007

There is a new mac-port called rsync-devel.

It does contain rsync-3.0.0 cvs HEAD as of
2007-04-10. This version will handle copying of resource forks
(xattr) and does not support ACLs for OSX.

When new stuff comes into rsync cvs HEAD, the mac ports file
will reflect the changes.

Kind regards

Victor Shoup wrote:
> Are there any known issues compiling the latest rsync on OSX (10.4)?
> I've noticed some references to one or two patches, but I'm not sure what
> they are.  I compiled v2.6.8 some time back on a powerpc, with no 
> patches,
> and it seemed to work OK.  I saw nothing in the INSTALL file that 
> suggests
> a patch is necessary.
> Thanks for any pointers.
>   -- Victor
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