RSync / Vista / Junction Points issue

Scott Bussinger scottb at
Fri Apr 6 15:37:42 GMT 2007

I'm running DeltaCopy (essentially a Windows friendly GUI wrapper around 
RSync 2.6.6) on Microsoft Vista. I'm trying to make a backup of a user's 
profile directory. One big difference between Vista and earlier Windows 
versions is that Vista makes extensive use of Junction Points (sort of like 
Unix symlinks) for compatibility. For instance, in a profile directory there 
are 16 junction points defined such as the "C:\Users\ronb\Cookies\" 
directory is really a junction point linking to 
"C:\Users\ronb\AppData\Roaming\Microsoft\Windows\Cookies\". RSync doesn't 
seem to handle these junction points very well and you get an error message 
like this on each occurance:

    rsync: opendir "/cygdrive/C/Users/ronb/Cookies" failed: Permission 
denied (13)

RSync has numerous options concerning unix style symlinks, but the default 
is to ignore them. I'd be fine with that but RSync doesn't seem to treat 
junction points as links.

Has anyone else run into this issue? Hopefully someone will pass this 
information onto the appropriate place to get it fixed eventually.


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