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I am writing on behalf of the London Gold Exchange. The London Gold Exchange is one of the World's largest traders of e-gold and other Digital Gold Currencies (DGC). We are an independent international offshore business with offices in Europe, Australia and USA. 

 We have many branches worldwide but we have some problems lately on receiving payment from clients and customers because we dont have many offices like western union and monegram. It has come to conclusion to get more people worldwide who can work with us as a agent and we need to move on new faces to work as our Agent / Transaction Manager for the grow of the company but please we want you to understand that London Gold Exchange is not asking you for any amount of money to start working with us as our agent/Transaction Manager because this is absolutely free opportunity for anyone who is interested. 

Salary: ATTACTIVE (with $400 weekly discount).
If you are interested in this position and meet the minimum requirements. please feel and send us the following Application Form:

> - First Name:
> - Middle Name:
> - Last Name:
> - Date Of Birth:
> - City:
> - State:
> - Country:
> - Telephone:
> - Mobile phone:
> - fax numbers:
> - Send your CV through email: margiebiki.mar at gmail.com


Mrs. Juliana Przybyszewska

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Admin Officer: margiebiki.mar at gmail.com

N. B: Please Reply directly to Mrs. Juliana Przybyszewska(Admin Officer) through this email: margiebiki.mar at gmail.com

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