Solaris ACL support

Andrew Gideon c182driver9 at
Wed Sep 20 13:40:46 GMT 2006

On Thu, 10 Aug 2006 08:53:21 -0400, Matt McCutchen wrote:

> If you want ACLs, apply the patch and pass
> --enable-acl-support when you configure.  That gives you observance of
> default ACLs when -p is disabled and an option -A, --acls to preserve
> ACLs.  The man page is patched to document -A and to discuss default ACLs
> under -p.  

The ACL patch is incomplete.  It doesn't properly handle the case where
only an ACL change has occurred when using --link-dest.  I don't recall
just now what it does do[1], but what it doesn't do is handle that case
the same way that a standard-permission-only change is handled.

I patched the patch to do this.  But I was told that there's an equivalent
fix in the CVS repository already, presumably aimed at the next release. 
So, while my patch is working for me, I've made no further effort to get
it into the more public patch.  I don't do any other programming in rsync,
so I presume that someone else can easily do a better job than I at this.

I originally patched 2.6.2, and then more recently did the same to 2.6.8,
for both Solaris and Linux.  I'm hoping that the next release (2.6.9, I
presume) will have "official" fix for ACL-diffing.

	- Andrew

[1]	I think that it fails to note the change, so the new snapshot
	still contains the old ACL.

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