--delete, but not for symlinks?

Charles Sprickman spork at bway.net
Wed Sep 13 22:54:19 GMT 2006


I've been using rsync to keep two boxes in sync until one replaces the 
other.  To make things a bit more to my liking and to make apache's 
userdir config a bit simpler, I have added a number of symlinks in the new 
machine's /home.  Both boxes have hashed userdirs, ie: /home/a/auser, 
/home/b/buser, etc.

So I have some symlinks like /home/a/aweirdo -> /home/CORP/aweirdo.  These 
are only on the new box.

Is there any way to make use of the --delete flag when doing the transfer 
and NOT have those symlinks that only exist on the new box be blown away?

It doesn't look possible, but perhaps one of the gurus can help come up 
with a wacky way to work around this.  If not, I'll see how much of a pain 
it is to recreate the symlinks on the old/source box.



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