File Locking under Windows - a solution ?

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Wed Sep 6 04:02:53 GMT 2006


> We are currently using Rsync (with cygwin) to propagate static files 
> from a preview server (Windows) to our live servers (Windows) on demand.
> Unfortunately, because the live servers are *live*, inevitably some of 
> the files we mean to update are in use and therefore locked by the 
> windows filesystem. Since they are locked, they are not updated, and 
> our servers get out of synch.
> Does anyone know of a way this locking can be overridden ? – is it 
> possible to ‘force’ updates ? it is important that all live servers 
> have identical filesystems.
> There is an option to bring down each server, update the relevant 
> directories, and bring the server back up: but this is highly 
> undesirable. Updates are daily at least, and sometimes may occur 
> half-a-dozen times a day.
Try to access the lock file using "Windows shadow copy"

More info on this URL:

Milutin Voinivich

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